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How to Save Time n Money on the Internet

. 5.2.09
why people always talking about money this time...
life isn't only about money though...
life is about balance between time and money my friend...
if you only think for money,when do you enjoy your life my friend?
i came from Indonesia,it's a beautiful country,but lots of people there still suffering to have some quality life...
it was horrible to see my own brother still suffering to have a quality life...
i never mean to judge people who loves to work or maybe workaholic...
but don't your family need something beside your money...
your family and neighboor need you man!
YES!! YOU!! to be among them
maybe to help their problem
maybe to fix their fence
or just to listening music together with a glass of cocktail
your son need your present for their first opera performance
or maybe their first running competition...
or maybe your wife need you to accompanied them to boutiqe
or maybe romantic dinner at Paris at weekdays...
the point is...
there's so much you can do with your family
if you have a home based business man...
you say you love your family but why you spend almost your time with your boss...
doesn't mean to be harsh man,but it's reality....
in a country like Indonesia there still to many people how lives for work with their boss not with their family...even they say: I love my family...
it's ironic...
but it's a fact in many country...
life is a choice...
it's your choice to become what you want or what you not....'s just my opinion based upon my experience living in a workaholic community...
work every time lot of money but loose your family...?
or work anytime have money have time for your family...?
your choice...

why don't you all try links i give on the rights...
worth to try man...
you can work anytime...
anyplace you like...
by earnings money, you also earnings yours family attention...
just try...

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